SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking Solutions for Enterprises and
Contact Centers

Buy a new place for your Business – CLOUD

Unify your voice and data onto single network and save close to 90%

SIP Trunking Brief

SIP Trunk provides your traditional phone services to an IP PBX or VoIP gateway, using internet.

Due to this Contact Center and Businesses can use their existing internet services as a phone line, instead of high-priced physical leased lines. By enabling the switches enterprises can reduce their telecommunication expenses and thrive their global reach.

Substantial amount of Saving:

With Vasudev’s SIP Trunking services the requirement for analogue phones will no longer be needed. Integrate your enterprise or contact center via a simple IP circuit to save a huge cost on telecommunications and infrastructure. SIP trunking is the best and smart way to get the most out of your existing PBX without spending any additional pennies.


Disaster Recovery

Vasudev provides your business to stay connected at Any Place & Any Time. In case of an emergency, power cut, or other unpredictable events which prevents your employees from entering the office. With our SIP Trunking services, you can route your SIP lines/trunks to your preferred location.


We understand the dynamic changing business environment. Therefore, with the change in your business needs, you would be able add trunks as you require, no minimum purchase is required. Just contact us.

High Quality Codec

Our system supports the best codecs to deliver the highest call quality over your SIP Trunking.

HD Voice Quality

Not like your analog calls, when to intent to add HD phones to SIP trunking phone services, you upgrade to crystal clear voice quality; it’s like you’re communicating face-to-face.

Secure Connection

Make the optimal use of your current Internet connection to modernize your entire workplace through our robust technology platform.

Easy Setup

With our strong and sound consultants, we will help you to integrate with your PBX and guide you with all your concerns/queries during the transition period and beyond.

Remote Offices and Local numbers

With the help of SIP trunking it is viable for employees to work from anywhere and have a local number to wherever the business is based.

International Toll Fraud Protection

Our system constantly monitors for International call fraud and acts spontaneously by terminating unauthorized calls in progress, shuts of the international calling on your trunk and alarms both the customer and our technical team of this suspicious activity. Our automated systems protect you even when your premise equipment is jeopardized. However, it is not possible to stop 100% of fraud, but we have the best protection in the industry.