2-Way SMS

Require a mobile number for 2-way SMS messaging?

We have got you covered.


All your 2-way messaging requirement is quickly accessible through our portal and API

Shortcodes | Virtual long numbers

For your SMS campaigns, we can provide you with one or more numbers. If you intent to use different numbers for your multiple campaign to trim costs and provide a uniform, instantly identifiable channel for your campaigns.

Be the winner in the race

Thriving Coverage

Presently we cover 52 countries for our 2-way SMS coverage. Our collaboration-with telecom giants across the world-helps us to grow our coverage list every day.


We have our inhouse technology that allows your inbound messages to promptly hit your platform.

Reliable Support

Our multi-lingual and highly trained tech assistance team ensures continuity of 2-way traffic flow.

A little more about why 2-Way SMS will work for you

Smartly Self Operated

Turnkey opt-in/opt-out solution

We offer fully customizable, automated opt-in, opt-out application, you will never have to worry about subscription and other backend logic.

Auto Revert

Manage your 2-way SMS campaigns auto-reverts by easily configuring on both the keyword and number level.

Campaign Performance Tracking

Track your campaign efficacy by scrutinizing delivery and responses rates. Actively check all the campaign cost in the portal.

Language is not a barrier; we speak the language you want

Unicode Support

Our system ensures letter, numbers, punctuation and symbol from any alphabet and language is always displayed correctly.

Concatenated messages

Long messages are combined to display as a single message which allows the end user a better viewing experience.

All SMS Types supported

Inbound traffic management

Connecting IT and Telecom with our 2-way SMS which runs on the high priority and end to end platform.

Our 2-Way SMS runs on top of the top proprietary, end-to-end platform connecting IT and Telecoms

We provide shortcodes and virtual phone numbers with international reach that can be easily implemented into applications, enabling P2A and P2P communication.

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